Sunday, October 28, 2007

My radio on

I have added the great radio to the frontpage of this blog, see at

This is the free radio containing some of my favorite songs (those available to for broadcasting) as gathered from long-term statistics in my Winamp. The player uses Flash so you don't need to install extra software; but keep in mind that it constantly consumes traffic while playing, if you care about it. You may visit and learn about their numerous other great music services.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Some will say Ananda Shake has many songs similar to one another. This is not a bug, but a feature I would say

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reading Wikipedia is a skill

Many misinterpret what Wikipedia is because of lack of capability to read it properly. Unlikely what many see at first sight, Wikipedia is a complicated and sophisticated entity (and is popular moreover) so one must learn how to read it and not just take literally what is written. One must bear in mind that the text is multilayered and different pieces of it are written by different people at different times (reminder: all previous versions of each article are kept and can be read by anyone by clicking 'history'). It may be that an article has one main author and mixed additions of links, templates categories and so on. Sometimes it is clearly visible from the style, but there must be understanding that it can't be directly visible. That's how you may visualize it (different result every click).

Friday, September 07, 2007

English thoughts repository

So it again seems to me that I have an intention to make this blog a place for my English posts. Soon I'll be placing links to it to some of my other-site profile pages. A list of them is placed at

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wikipedia definition

I see the following conclusion nowadays. One of the major problems of Wikipedia is misunderstanding of the Spirit of the Project by large masses. The Spirit is in flexibility and actuality with possible presence of errors. Wikipedia (with Wikinews) is the Unifying kind of journalism (writing about life) with volunteer "civil journalists". Thus Wikipedia (in any language) can be seen as a mass media in an especial format.

It may contain information from any types of sources or comments with no sources (can be requested if needed). It may fail to contain what you want to see. It may contain untruthful information (report it). Information may be altered at any time (some data is altered regularly). Whoever doesn't understand this should bear this in mind next time reading Wikipedia. If you want to treat Wikipedia as an authoritative source and find a "nonsense" instead, maybe also wanting to "punish someone" for this, stop using the project (including using links to it somewhere) or change your approach.

An error in Wikipedia = error in press ≠ error in a sci-book

Traditional encyclopedia format couldn't withstand permanent actualisation. The format now can be merged with mass media format with weakened "authoritativity" featuring freedom of speech (and a right to have errors until they are corrected). Wikipedia is for reading by public what is written by public for free, not "authoritatively" written for basing "serious researches" or commercial reports on. Let scientists and accountants do their own work and find better matching authoritative sources (without rights to have errors). Wikipedia's "popularity" can't necessarily make some article a "serious" stuff.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have decided to publish posts in English here since now. Maybe, I will have to communicate in English via this engine.
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